New Year Count Down Party with The Rock

Hello again The Rock’s friends and fans,
 Hope you all have a nice and warm Thanksgiving with your loved ones.
We would like to thank you all for coming to The Rock’s Halloween party 09. It was a blast with all the fun, music, dance, costumes…Elvis and all !  Please click the link below to see the party ‘s slide show.
  Again , we would like to invite you to our New Year’s Eve Count Down party to sing farewell 2009 and dance to 2010!!
Singers: Tuyet Dung, Tuyet Huong( Apple3), Chieu Phuong, Van Khanh, Ha Phuong Thuy, The Dung” Rock”, Ngoc Trong, Manh Ha, Hien Vu, The My and more… Please see the info below. It will be a first come, first good table. Tickets are on sale at:
– Tú Quỳnh : (714) 531-4284 and Diamond Seafood Palace: (714) 891-5347
– The Rock (310) 951-7324
Until then, have a very Merry X-Mas and hope to see you all at Diamond Seafood Palace on Dec 31, 09 ! Party time!  
The Rock
HippyNewYearParty10-1-1.jpg picture by adluu  

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